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CellPreserv Product Line 


TPK Fênix 

The TPK Fênix Slide Processor ensures maximum quality, efficiency and performance in the automated preparation of gynecological and non-gynecological cytological samples. Compact and sturdy, prepares up to 45 samples per hour, resulting in slides ready for staining and analysis. 









CellPreserv Solution 

Methanol-based cell preservation solution, designed to preserve the cell morphology, DNA and RNA, for up to six weeks at room temperature. 








CellPreserv Collection Kit 

Cervical brush kit with protected tip and pre-cut 2 cm from the brush. And Ayre's Spatula, made of plastic, with one rounded end and another end in the shape of a heart, that allows the anatomical adjustment to the ectocervix. 











TPK filter 

The Filter is for exclusive use in the TPK Fênix Slide Processor, made of plastic, with a disposable filtering membrane for gynecological and non-gynecological samples. 









Microscope Slides 

The CellPreserv slides are to be use only in the TPK Slide Processor. 









Disposable Vaginal Speculum 

Disposable Vaginal Speculum, type Collins, non-sterile, with the insert adaptation to our Kolplux LED Light Source. Indicated for gynecological specular examination, with the purpose of visualizing the vaginal cavity and uterine cervix, colposcopy, collection of biological material for examinations and/or other specific procedures of this organ. 









CellPreserv Rack 

Rack to support the CellPreserv Solution. 











CellPreserv 1L Solution 

Preservative solution based on methanol, in 1 liter gallon.  

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