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The Complete Soluti􀆟on for your Laboratory

What is the Liquid Based Cytology?


Liquid Based Cytology is the evolution of the conventional Pap Smear Test – a method used since 1943 for screening and tracking of cervical cancer.

The liquid based method is a technique developed in the 1990s, which enables greater precision in the cervical-vaginal oncotic cytopathological diagnosis, as it offers the pathologist a slide with a cleaner background, free of artifacts and with a thin layer of cells. The advantage of the liquid-based cytology is its greater sensitivity, related to the high cell representativeness made possible by the preparation in the liquid medium. There is a clear reduction in unsatisfactory cytology and in the rates of false-negative results. The improvement in slide quality also brings an increase in laboratory productivity.

The cytology revolution at your laboratory


Based Cytology:


  • ​Cells disposed in a thin layer and concentrated in 20mm;

  • Very low rate of unsatisfactory samples;

  • Extremely high diagnosti􀆟c accuracy;

  • High operati􀆟onal producti􀆟vity;

  • Processing of gynecological and non-gynecological cytological samples.

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  • Cells disposed in a thick, multilayer and spread out pattern;

  • Significant rate of unsatisfactory samples;

  • Significant rates of false negatives;

  • Low operational productivity;

  • Exclusive for oncotic colpocytology.

  • CellPreserv liquid based cytology system is a 100% Brazilian technology.

  • Allows the processing of gynecological and non-gynecological samples.

  • Complete solution for the laboratory: The TPK Fênix Slide Processor, Collection Kit (Preservative Solution, plastic spatula, cervical brush with protected tip and Kolplast speculum).

  • The best technology in the prevention of the cervical cancer and cervico-vaginal infections.

  • More exams with a single sample: 1 cytology and several molecular tests for STIs.

  • More than five million tests performed.

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choose the 

CellPreserv System?

  • Automated Slide Processor, without the need for prior sample preparation;

  • Greater diagnostic accuracy;

  • Prepares up to 45 slides per hour;

  • 8,000 exams per month;

  • Enables the preparation of gynecological and non-gynecological cytology;

  • Fast and compact.


TPK Fênix Slide Processor
Innovati􀆟ve Design and Concept

Frasco_solução_cellpreserv FINAL.png

Preservative Solution 

  • Preserves cell morphology, DNA and RNA for up to six weeks at room temperature.

  • It allows, from a single sample collection, in addition to cytopathological exams, the processing of other molecular tests such as STIs.


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