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TPK Fênix Slide Processor.
Innovative Design and Concept 

Compact and sturdy, prepares up to 45 samples per hour, resulting in slides ready for staining and analysis. Indicated for Cytopathology, Pathological Anatomy, Clinical Analysis and Hospital Laboratories, the TPK Fênix Slide Processor contributes to the standardization and automation of your laboratory processes, reducing manual processes, impacting the increase in productivity and the quality of exams.
Up to 45 slides per hour = 8,000 exams per month
Dimensions: 38cm x 33cm x 56cm
Weight: 18kg



  • Cell processing by membrane-controlled transfer;

  • Separates epithelial cells from non-diagnostic elements such as blood, mucus and inflammatory cells;

  • Homogenization and dispersion of cells, allowing the preparation of the slides to be disposed in a thick, multilayer and spread out patern.

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